1. Given a choice, you would be most
likely to…
 Dance until dawn.
 Relax in the library
 Hide from my relatives.
 Go for a long walk.

2. Your ideal hero is…
 Any peer will do.
 A wonderful listener.
 Alpha all the way.
 The world’s greatest seducer.

3. If you were a flower, you would be…
 A classic red rose.
 An innocent daisy.
 A sensuous white lily.
 A shy violet.

4. Your favorite outfit would be…
 A cozy at-home dress.
 A ballgown with layers of tulle.
A shirt and trousers.
 A high-necked blouse and a long skirt.

5. Your main flaw is…
 I’m just a little materialistic.
 I daydream too much.
 Flaw? What flaw?.
 I’m rather shy.

6. Your perfect home would be…
 A house by the sea.
 A big mansion in Mayfair.
 A Hampshire hunting lodge.
 Anywhere, as long as I’m with someone I love.

7. Your archenemy is…
 My love interest.
 The gossips.
 My scheming mother-in-law.
 My evil cousin.

8. By nature you are a…

9. You would be most prone to saying…
 I hate things that are for my own good.
 I refuse to believe that I’ll go through life without something
magical happening.
 Of all the luck. I’ve found an aphrodisiac that works only on a man whom I despise.
 I would die of embarrassment if a man ever saw my legs.

10. Your favorite present would be…
 A romance novel.
 A bottle of perfume.
 The key to my locked bedroom.
 A big diamond ring.

11. Your favorite animal is…
 A Persian cat.
 A Labrador.
 An Arabian horse.
 A dove.

12. The best actress to portray you
in a movie would be…

 Kate Hudson.
 Jennifer Garner.
 Reese Witherspoon.
 Kate Winslet.